Drought in France (Eastern AREA) : Desialis suspends its sales of alfalfa standard pellets

July 2020 was historically dry in France and this leads to a major water stress in our alfalfa production areas. Concerns from a disappointing first cut, with the lower yields since 1993, turned into real threats during the second cut which is far below the 5-years average. While the third cut has started on beginning of August, the fresh alfalfa resource Desialis would have in 2020/21 has already been severely reduced.

In this difficult context, this third consecutive drought in East area and the lack of rainfall to come, forces us to take strong decisions because our stocks of products, already amply used in 2018 and 2019 are not replenished.

Thus, we suspend our alfalfa sales in « standard pellets » until end of September at least. Then, we will do an assessment at the end of the production campaign and advise a possible controlled return of “standard pellets” on the market.


Note: Désialis will continue to offer other products from its alfalfa, maize as well as straw ranges:

  • Organic alfalfa pellets
  • Conventional alfalfa bales & Organic alfalfa bales
  • Concentrated alfalfa extract (CAE)
  • Silomix
  • Maïluz …

                                                                                               Pierre BEGOC



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