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The authentic long-strand bale for horses


The authentic long-strand bale for horses

Désialis has developed a wide range of products, specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of animal production sectors. 

Made from alfalfa grown and dehydrated in France: HIPPOLUZ gives the assurance of a product 100% traced and tested for naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS).

Contributes fibre to the ration

A horse's ration must contain fibre, generally provided by the hay. In case this is in deficit, a necessary complement can be provided by dehydrated alfalfa, and all the more so as the ration is rich in cereals or products derived from cereals containing starch.

In addition, the presence of fibre in the horse's ration will lead to an increase in consumption time, modulating the food transit rate and thus contributing to the welfare of the animal by reducing the frequency of occurrence of behavioural problems.

Impact on the digestive health of the horse

The intrinsic properties of alfalfa, such as its buffering capacity, have a positive impact on the digestive health of the horse.
The high buffering capacity of alfalfa due to its calcium and protein content has a preventive role against intestinal acidosis by modifying the balance of microbiota.

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Packed in bagged small  bales of 20 kg, the alfalfa strands long special horse - HIPPOLUZ. is easier to transport, handle and distribute!

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Présentation produit

In 20 kg bagged bale (0,3 m x 0,5 m x 0,5 m) 
48 bagged bales - 6 x 8 bales - 960 kg - capped / filmed palette - Height (palette included) : 2.10m



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