Rumiplus 19


More protein, more energy, for more performance

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More protein, more energy, for more performance

Produced from French alfalfa, RUMIPLUS 19 comes in the form of a 420 kg bale of dehydrated long strand alfalfa, and pellets produced from fines from the leaves.
RUMIPLUS 19 has been specially designed to provide the physical fibers necessary for the ration of high producing cows without deconcentrating the ration in energy and protein value.

The optimization of the harvesting chain makes it possible to control a specific length and quality of cut of our alfalfa strands.
The Rumiplus 19 is elaborated in 1st cut, the alfalfa fines from the leaves are mainly extracted to be granulated and reintroduced in the bales: less fines - less loss.

High levels of protein guaranteed

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  • participates in correcting the protein level of the ration

BONUS : Dehydration preserves the proteins from microbial degradation in the rumen.

Optimum energy value: better degradable fibers

Rumiplus 19 provides the alfalfa physical fibers necessary for the ration

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The energy value is optimal in first cut, as it varies depending on the vegetative stage. Naturally rich in energy, RUMIPLUS 19 contributes to energy intake for better milk production performance.

  • Brings fiber without lowering the energy concentration of the ration - promotes ingestion

BONUS : The more digestible cellulose favors the microbial activity, which will itself promote the digestibility of the whole ration.


Optimum cutting quality, with 3 to 5 cm strands

> Allows a homogeneous, regular and total consumption ensuring an optimal fiber of the ration



The dry matter is stabilized at 90% thanks to the dehydration

> Increases dry matter rate of the ration



Presented in the form of 420 kg bales, easy to store and preserve

> Fibers ready to be incorporated into the ration without the need to chop them

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Product presentation

Around 420 kg bale with plastic binding
1.4m x 1.2m x 0.75m

in tautliner truck

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Product Details - indicatives values as fed

Analytical valuesNutritional values
Moisture : 10.0 % Net Energy milk (UFL) : 0.65 kg
Crude ash : 11.9 % Net Energy gain (UFV) : 0.58 kg
Crude Fat : 2.7 % Net Energy horse (UFC) : 0.58 kg
Crude protein : 17.1 % Net Energy milk (VEM) : 654 kg
Crude fiber : 24.8 % Net Energy gain (VEVI) : 632 kg
NDF : 38.0 % Nel : 4.3 MJ/kg
Starch :0.0 % NEg :2.5 MJ/kg
ADF : 27.0 % NEm : 4.6 MJ/kg
ADL : 6.6 % Total digestibility of Nutrients (TDN) : 50%
Usage tips

Dairy cows: 2 to 4 kg

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