An alfalfa protein concentrate for ruminants, rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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An alfalfa protein concentrate for ruminants, rich in omega-3 fatty acids

The unique production process for Concentrated Alfalfa Extracts allows for concentration of the essential nutrients. EXTRALUZ is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, pigments and vitamins for ruminants.

Enriches cattle production in omega-3 fatty acids

The preservation of omega-3 fatty acids is greater and more complete for EXTRALUZ than for flax, the reference source.


Due to less breakdown of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the rumen, the milk contains more omega-3 with the addition of EXTRALUZ in the ration.

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Similarly, the incorporation of EXTRALUZ into the diet of beef cattle alters the lipid profile of the beef and enriches it with omega-3 fatty acids.

Impacts the health and fertility of the herd

In general, omega-3 fatty acids can have favourable effects on the health and fertility of the herd, such as:

  • Increased immunity
  • Appearance of a higher progesterone peak
  • Increase in the number of large follicles in activity
  • Lower level of production of PGF2a prostaglandins
  • Improved embryo survival
  • Improved pregnancy rate

In the case of EXTRALUZ, these properties related to omega-3 are reinforced by the contribution of vitamins and antioxidants (ß-carotene and vitamin E).
Carotene has a beneficial effect on reproductive performance by promoting cell protection. After conversion to vitamin A in the sex organs, it facilitates the secretion of sex hormones (oestradiol and progesterone).

Rich in ß-carotene (230 g/kg), EXTRALUZ covers the needs of females before pregnancy and provides a supplement for animals receiving particularly deficient rations. ß-carotene acts in synergy with the other components of EXTRALUZ: vitamin E, xanthophylls, polyphenols, phosphorus

Improves the colouring of dairy production by its supply of pigments

The presence of pigments and natural vitamins enriches the milk with ß-carotene and vitamin A and helps to improve the colour of dairy products.

Product presentation

Concentrated Alfalfa Extracts in 8mm pellets

- Bulk - Complete tipper truck
- Big-Bag (1000 kg)
- 25 kg bag on full pallet (1250 kg)

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Product Details - indicatives values as fed

Analytical valuesNutritional values
Moisture : 8.0 % Net Energy milk (UFL) : 1.16 kg
Crude ash : 11.0 % Net Energy gain (UFV) : 1.14 kg
Crude Fat : 10.5 % Net Energy horse (UFC) : -
Crude protein : 47.8 % Net Energy milk (VEM) : 1200 kg
Crude fiber : 2.3 % Net Energy gain (VEVI) : 1280 kg
NDF : 13.8 % Nel : 9.4 MJ/kg
Starch :0.0 % NEg :6.8 MJ/kg
ADF : 2.8 % NEm : 9.7 MJ/kg
ADL : 0.9 % Total digestibility of Nutrients (TDN) : 80%
Usage tips

Suckler cows: 2 to 4 kg

Dairy cows: 2 to 4 kg

Heifers: 1 to 2 kg

Ewes: 0,5 to 1 kg

Goats: 0,5 to 1 kg

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