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An alfalfa protein concentrate for poultry, a source of natural pigments

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An alfalfa protein concentrate for poultry, a source of natural pigments

The unique production process for Concentrated Alfalfa Extracts allows for concentration of the essential nutrients. PX AGRO SUPER is a natural source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, pigments and vitamins, ideal for poultry.

Acts as a natural colourant for poultry production

With a xanthophyll content greater than 1000 ppm, PX AGRO SUPER is a natural source of pigments of great interest for the pigmentation of eggs and chicken meat. This concentration is not the result of any chemical treatment, just as the preservation of the product does not use chemical preservatives. The presence of carotenoid pigments (xanthophylls) is effective in poultry as a natural plant source for yellow colouring.
In order to guarantee the level of xanthophylls, PX AGRO SUPER is stored under positive refrigeration.

Improves the natural vitamin content in poultry production

The presence of natural vitamins enriches animal production (eggs and chicken meat) with vitamin E and helps to limit the loss of anti-free radical defence.

Enriches poultry production in omega-3 fatty acids

Preservation of omega-3 fatty acids is greater and more complete for PX AGRO SUPER, making it a feedstuff of choice for improving the omega-3 fatty acid content in poultry production (eggs and chicken meat).

Product presentation

Concentrated Alfalfa Extrats in 8mm pellets - crumble

- Bulk - Complete tipper truck
- Big-Bag (1000 kg)
- 25 kg bag on full pallet (1250 kg)

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