An optimised source of energy and protein

The animals concerned


An optimised source of energy and protein

Dry wheat grain comes from the industrial production of wheat-based bioethanol, and is naturally rich in the proteins of the cereal of origin.

Perfectly adapted to the diet of ruminants and monogastric animals. The manufacturing process is respectful of the cereal of origin, thus allowing it to maintain a high level of amino acids (especially lysine) and a high energy value.

Provides a stable and optimised energy source

Resulting from the transformation of wheat into bioethanol, WEEFIRST is characterised by a high starch content compared to other dry grains on the market.
This high starch content is linked to the manufacturing process, with milling at the start of the process, making it possible to reintroduce the bran and the starch it contains at the end of the process.
The higher energy value of Weefirst is valued in all the different animal production sectors.

Promotes production performance

The low temperature processes used in the production of Weefirst ensure the preservation of much of the nutrients of the original wheat. In this way, the quality and nutritional values of WEEFIRST grains are improved.

Weefirst is one of the most protein-rich cereal co-products, and the good digestibility of its proteins can be easily seen in the clarity of its colour. These characteristics make it the best source of lysine available among cereal co-products, thus ensuring good production performance.

Guarantees a traced resource coming from a quality sector

Coming from the production of the biggest European bioethanol site (Cristanol in Bazancourt near Reims), WEEFIRST is made from wheat produced by cereal cooperatives in the North-East of France.

The assurance of a product coming from a quality sector, from French agriculture.

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Dehydrated distiller wheat grain in 6mm pellets

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Product Details - indicatives values as fed

Analytical valuesNutritional values
Moisture : 12.0% max % Net Energy milk (UFL) : 1.05 kg
Crude ash : 5.0 % Net Energy gain (UFV) : 1.02 kg
Crude Fat : 5.0 % Net Energy horse (UFC) : 1.00 kg
Crude protein : 33.0 % Net Energy milk (VEM) : 1080 kg
Crude fiber : 5.5 % Net Energy gain (VEVI) : 1150 kg
NDF : 27.0 % Nel : 7.2 MJ/kg
Starch :8.0 % NEg :5.2 MJ/kg
ADF : 8.0 % NEm : 7.7 MJ/kg
ADL : 3.0 % Total digestibility of Nutrients (TDN) : 70%
Usage tips

Suckler cows: 2 to 6 kg

Dairy cows: 2 to 6 kg

Heifers: 1 to 2 kg

Ewes: 0,5 to 1 kg

Goats: 0,5 to 1 kg

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