A concentrate of energy for a greater vitality

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A concentrate of energy for a greater vitality

Dehydrated sugar beet pulp is a simple and natural feed whose nutritional qualities are preserved and stabilized by dehydration process. 

EQUIBEET derives from sugar beet grown and processed in France, providing the assurance of an unmolassed, fully traceable, GMO-free and NOPS-free product.

EQUIBEETmakes rations safer by adding highly digestible fibres.

A low-sugar and low-starch source of energy

With an energy value close to cereals, sugar beet pulp fibre is more easily digestible than hay. The introduction of EQUIBEET into the ration lowers the level of starch and thus reduces the risk of diseases related to excess cereal (particularly through the reduction of glucose).
As with any fibre, EQUIBEET is digested primarily in the large intestine. Thus EQUIBEET represents a source of slow-release energy that makes it a useful food for endurance horses.

Physico-chemical properties that improve digestibility

The prebiotic effect of sugar beet pulp enhances the other fodder in the ration by improving its digestibility.

Good water absorption capacity

Sugar beet pulp has good water absorption capacity that helps maintain sufficient water levels in the large intestine during periods of hydric restriction.

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Product presentation

Dehydrated sugar beet pulp in 6 or 8mm pellets

- Bulk - Complete tipper truck
- Big-Bag (1000 kg)
- 25 kg bag on full pallet (1250 kg)

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Product Details - indicatives values as fed

Analytical valuesNutritional values
Moisture : 11.5 % Net Energy milk (UFL) : 0.90 kg
Crude ash : 7.0 % Net Energy gain (UFV) : 0.89 kg
Crude Fat : 1.0 % Net Energy horse (UFC) : 0.75 kg
Crude protein : 8.0 % Net Energy milk (VEM) : 933 kg
Crude fiber : 17.5 % Net Energy gain (VEVI) : 1011 kg
NDF : 41.0 % Nel : 5.2 MJ/kg
Starch :0.0 % NEg :3.4 MJ/kg
ADF : 21.5 % NEm : 5.6 MJ/kg
ADL : 3.0 % Total digestibility of Nutrients (TDN) : 59%
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