No lasting performance without a healthy rumen

The smooth running of rumen fermentations by microorganisms does not only require the addition of protein and energy.

The physical structure of the ruminal contents also participates via the fibers but also other physicochemical characteristics.

For a rumen to work well you have to:

  • Stabilize the pH of the rumen
  • Stimulate rumination
  • Stimulate cellulolytic flora

Some physicochemical characteristics of foods contribute to these 3 objectives:

  • Buffer capacity
  • Flotation capacity
  • Water holding capacity

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These 3 characteristics are combined in the ISR (for Rumen Health Index), which describes a feed’s ability to ensure a correct rumen function. A functional rumen guarantees good rationing and good production performance.

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Foods with good ISR allow:

  • to increase the production performance of your farm
  • to obtain a better valuation of your fodder.

The 3 constituent capacities of the Rumen Health Index


In summary

  • The floatation capacity measures the ability of a raw material to "float". A good floatation capacity promotes rumination and ruminal degradation
  • The buffer capacity measures the ability of a feed to resist a decrease in ruminal pH. A good buffer capacity stabilizes the pH of the rumen
  • The water absorption capacity measures the ability of a feed to absorb and retain rumen juice. Good water absorption capacity promotes the activity of cellulolytic flora

SILOMIX are adapted to each phase of breeding: growth, maintenance, production.

They are essential to the equilibrium of the rations and make it possible to reach the objectives of production while securing the ration. Silomix work effectively to correct ruminal dysfunction situations. The introduction of Silomix in the ration will allow you to increase its feed efficiency and therefore increase the production performance of the farm while obtaining a better valuation of forage on the farm without risk.

The products in the SILOMIX range are reserved for the French market.