& Innovation

Research and development

Our research activities and innovation projects are carried out through numerous partnerships with organizations specialized in the field of nutrition and animal production.

The research work and the innovation projects are articulated around 4 axes:

  • Product valuation : Bring the best value of our current products to answer to the needs of the breeding world: production performance, quality of animal products, environmental impact ...
  • Quality improvement : Improve our products to support their usage by making them more practical, more efficient for market players.
  • Development of new products : To ensure diversifications towards high added value markets needs.

Carried out with numerous French and foreign research centers (institutes, schools, technical centers), we rely on networks of expertise in agronomy, animal nutrition, process optimization. The results of our works is regularly shared with the scientific community within major Animal Research events (Meetings around Ruminant Research, Porcine, Poultry and Rabbit Research Days).

Manufacturing processes

The strong development of the production of agricultural products and co-products from primary industries in the northern part of France since the 1950s led concomitantly to the decline of livestock in these regions, the creation of factories dehydration. The exchange of experiences, the creation of common tools of technical reflection and finally the rapprochement of the structures and the sectors allowed the emergence of manufacturing processes dedicated to the various raw materials worked in the various factories of the group, which allow Désialis to market a wide range of commercial qualities.

Our raw materials of French origin are transformed by natural processes whose base is the drying at high temperature without addition of additives.

The different ranges of Désialis products will therefore be available for purchase with lots of consistent and consistent quality throughout the year.