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Risk factors for pecking

According to the ANSES epidemiological survey of 2017 (Coton et al., 2017)


  • Nervousness related to genetics
  • Density and group size too high


  • Light intensity too high
  • Type and color of lighting
  • Bad ambient conditions

Bad maintenance / development of the courses.

Action levers

Several trials conducted by Itavi show that enriching the environment of laying hens and even in the young stage allows:

  • A decrease in mortality
  • To circumvent the stress of animals
  • Optimization of the use of the environment

Rumiluz Poultry - Alfalfa fiber more digestible and appetent

Rumiluz is recommended in risk situations, for:

  • Bring extra fiber into the diet of laying hens
  • Contribute to the enrichment of the environment

Setting up small balls from the stage chick to get used.

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