What is Quality for us ?

quality department

The role of the Quality Department is to ensure the smooth interaction and fluidity of all processes, both for the client and for the teams involved.

A role that has evolved a lot

Formerly very focused on product compliance, today its mission is more global and consists of ensuring the smooth running of all processes involved in the company to ultimately deliver a product that meets customer expectations.

Our mission is to ensure that all the actions necessary to the satisfaction of the customer are in place, that they work and that they interlock properly.

"Linking the different stakeholders and identifying improvements for better interaction is our daily concern."

Multiple interlocutors

The customer of course, but also the factories, the silos, the external service providers, the regulatory authorities, and all the employees of Desialis so that they are motivated, innovative and agile.

Even if the interlocutors are varied, the approach of the Quality Department is always the same: to sensitize everyone to arrive at the best performance.

Our work is a job of listening to our customers, advising our teams and constant adaptation to the context.

Our goal is to take into account constraints while trying to streamline and facilitate the use of our products by our customers.

The Quality Department is very close to the field teams, they visit and maintain regularly. Understand the needs and constraints of each and thus create the link, two very strong concepts in the Quality Department.

"What I want to bring above all is the notion of team, a team in the broad sense: Desialis and all the stakeholders of DESIALIS, it is necessarily a team. And my motivation every morning: be it a successful team!

Nathalie Scorza, Quality and Performance Director Désialis