The authentic long-strand bale for pet food

The animals concerned


Désialis has developed a wide range of products, specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of animal production sectors.

In bales of 350 kg, RUMILUZ LABEL is made from alfalfa grown and processed in France: it gives the assurance of a product 100% traced and certified for the formulation of feedstuffs for domestic animals.

Ensures premium quality, uniform and traced

The unique organisation of our industrial facilities allows us to homogenise batches and to formulate commercial qualities to meet the technical specifications of our customers. RUMILUZ LABEL is kept under specific storage conditions, protected from light and with controlled humidity for better conservation of the green colour of the alfalfa and preservation of the microbiological quality.

Ensures regular strands

With low variability between batches because it is produced during a very short period of the year, RUMILUZ LABEL guarantees premium quality from alfalfa.

From the field to the plant, the specific character of our organisation and our industrial tools, especially the harvesting chain, allows us to control the length and quality of cut of our alfalfa.

RUMILUZ LABEL is made to obtain clean and regular chopped strands of 3 to 5 cm, perfectly suited to the small rodent market.

Présentation produit

Around 350 kg bale with plastic binding
1.4m x 1.2m x 0.75m

in tautliner truck

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