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The assurance of complete and controlled intake

The animals concerned


The assurance of complete and controlled intake

Historically developed for ruminants in milk production: high-performance dairy cows and small ruminants (ewes and goats), dehydrated long-strand alfalfa in bales has allowed French alfalfa to be positioned in a high-tech market.
In bales of 420 kg, RUMIPLUS 18 is made up of long-strand alfalfa and pellets, specially designed to contribute more fibre and fewer fines without diluting the ration for small ruminants.

Optimises rumination thanks to more effective fibres

RUMIPLUS 18 has a high level of physical fibres. From the harvest, the selection of 4th cut alfalfa of limited development and the equipment used, with attention paid to sharpening the cutters, determine the size (length and fineness) of the alfalfa strands and their cutting and protein level.

RUMIPLUS is made to obtain clean, chopped strands of 2 to 4 cm.

“The fibres in RUMIPLUS 18 are long enough for rumination, and short enough to avoid sorting. ”

Is developed using a unique industrial process, ensuring uniform and traceable quality

From the field to the plant, the specific character of our organisation and our industrial tools, especially the harvesting chain, allows us to control the length and quality of cut of our alfalfa.
The dehydration process stabilises RUMIPLUS 18 at 90% dry matter, guaranteeing the absence of losses and deterioration.

Facilitates the incorporation of fibre in the ration

The RUMIPLUS 18 manufacturing process makes it a stable and regular product. It comes in the form of 420kg alfalfa bales that are easy to store and keep unspoiled.
Once broken up, the RUMIPLUS 18 strands are added directly to the ration.
RUMIPLUS 18 specially designed for small ruminants.

Very palatable.

Zero sorting - Zero refusal

Product présentation

Around 420 kg bale with plastic binding
1.4m x 1.2m x 0.75m

in tautliner truck

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