Certified organic alfalfa with 17% protein

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Certified organic alfalfa with 17% protein

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Organic certified animal production is becoming increasingly important, partly through consumer demand, and partly through the desire of farmers to commit to organic farming.

As a major player in animal nutrition, Désialis has developed a specific range from organic agriculture to meet the precise specifications of certified organic animal production.

Guarantees a resource from organic agriculture

BIOLUZ is a certified organic resource, the guarantee of traced production and certified quality.

Coming from plots cultivated according to the technical specifications of organic agriculture, BIOLUZ dehydrated alfalfa is harvested under different conditions than conventional plots and the production process involves specific preparations (cleaning and rinsing of the circuits).

Each stage in the production of BIOLUZ (harvest - manufacture - storage) is checked and controlled.

Contributes to the nutritional balance of rations

Thanks to its richness in minerals, vitamins E and ß-carotene, BIOLUZ restores the balance to the basic ration in nitrogenous matter and improves production results.

Product presentation

Dehydrated alfalfa in 6 mm pellets from organic agriculture

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