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Complementary energy sources in a single pellet - for horses

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Complementary energy sources in a single pellet - for horses

Diversifies energy sources without diluting the ration

The combination of alfalfa and corn in a single product, HIPPOMIX, helps to improve the efficiency of the ration by providing energy in the form of starch (slowly digestible starch) and in the form of very digestible cellulose, and thus improves intake and digestion of forage.

Contributes to the good health of horses

In addition to a good energy/protein balance, our alfalfa-corn products are rich in minerals and trace elements and are a source of vitamins, particularly beta-carotene and vitamin E. The nutritional qualities necessary for the good health and vitality of horses.

Secures digestive function

The alfalfa proteins it contains as well as the corn starch both have the sought-after particularity of being slowly degradable thanks to the dehydration. Few fermentations will take place in the stomach (unlike with cereals) and all nutrients will be digested and absorbed in the intestine (starch) and the colon (fermentation of fibre).

HIPPOMIX – Alfalfa and Corn in the same pellet with double granulation

HIPPOMIX is made using a special process involving double granulation, thus obtaining a pellet without fines, recognised for its durability and its density, ideal for direct consumption by ruminants or for use in blended feeds.


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Présentation produit

Dehydrated alfalfa and corn in 6mm pellets

- Bulk - Complete tipper truck
- Big-Bag (1000 kg)
- 25 kg bag on full pallet (1250 kg)

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Usage tips

Horses working intensively and mares: 2 to 4 kg

Horses doing light work and ponies: 1 to 2 kg

Foals weaned at 18 months: 0,5 to 2 kg

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