High durability 6 mm pellets

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High durability 6 mm pellets


The product STROMASH is composed of cereal straw 100% from French culture. All cereal straws used in the composition of STROMASH are secured and are subject to a rigorous selection to limit contamination.

  • Due to their high durability, STROMASH pellets are non-dusty and offer a comfortable working environment for the farmer during distribution. They are particularly suitable for dust-sensitive animals.
  • High absorption capacity: With an absorption capacity of 400%, STROMASH guarantees a dry and healthy litter for the animals.
  • After the bedding is put in place, the granules form a straw "mattress" that provides real comfort for the animals.
  • Thanks to its absorption capacity and its high expansion, Stromash generates about 87% less effluent volume than a standard agricultural straw bedding. This facilitates the management of the litter.

Also available in organic - Stromash BIOSTROMASH AVAILABLE:
6mm straw pellets
The 6 mm granules are easier to handle and distribute
25kg bags : STROMASH can be delivered in bulk, in 1T big-bags or in bags.

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