Choped dusted cereals straw bale and pellets inside

The animals concerned


Désialis offers a complete range of straw products, consisting of fibers, pellets and crumbles

The straw used are VLOG Gepruft certified, 100% French origin.

With its know-how as the European leader in dehydrated products, Désialis guarantees high quality, traceable and standardized products.

Désialis Litter range of products meets three fundamental needs :

  • Animal health and well-being
  • The environment
  • Farmer’s work comfort

Product Details - indicatives values as fed

Analytical values Nutritional values
Refer to the Data Sheet below Refer to the Data Sheet below
Usage tips

Early dry dairy cow: up to 7.0 k

Dairy cow in preparation for calving (Close-up dry): 2 to 3 kg

Suckler cow: 5 to 6 kg gross Ewe: 1 to 1.5 kg

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