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" The ration must be sufficiently dry ! "

picto éleveur3 Breeder's word

GAEC DE LA CHOUANIÈRE - Marcillé-Raoul (35 Ille et Vilaine)
70 dairy cows Prim’holsteins
Dairy production : 670 000 liters
9 760 liters par DC

"We need quality fibers that don't deteriorate"

We need quality forage that doesn't deteriorate.One year we used rapeseed straw. It was complicated to produce and we had mycotoxins ‘ problems.

Securing production by securing the ration is a necessity for us.

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picto expert2 Expert's recommendations

Michel Vagneur 
Veterinary Doctor - Animal Nutrition Consultant

"Performance rations for dairy cows have a dry matter content that needs to be optimized."

To optimize ingestion, rations for dairy cows with a high level of production must have a dry matter content of well over 40%.

Forages and co-products that are low in dry matter must be limited, otherwise the ration becomes more cumbersome, less ingested and therefore penalizes production and rates. Alterations in forage quality and the presence of toxic substances can have dramatic consequences in terms of production and health.

The economic impact of altered foods, nutrient losses and health consequences is very significant.

The use of dry dehydrated type of food is the guarantor of a better safety of the ration, and facilitates the ingestion of dairy cows by increasing the total dry matter of the ration.

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picto rumiplus2 The Rumiplus answer

"The 90% DM of the Rumiplus raises the rate of dry matter of the ration."


The passage through dehydration stabilizes the Rumiplus to 90% dry matter, a pledge of absence of losses and alterations.
The use of Rumiplus as a substitute for moist foods increases the dry matter of the ration which facilitates the ingestion of high production dairy cows.

Substituting 6 kg of grass silage with 2 kg of Rumiplus allows the dry matter to be fed from a dairy cow ration of 39% to 43% DM.

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Effective fibers and less fines, for optimal rumination:

FIBROSITE : "To be effective, the long fiber must be short "

POTASSIUM - BACA : "In lactating cow, a positive BACA promotes milk production!" 

HEALTH - WELLNESS:HEALTH - WELLNESS: "Well-being by fiber"

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