Attention, excess grazing can do cause various pathologies that can be fatal for animalsBecause, the young grass is poor in magnesium and cellulose but rich in water, in potassium, in suluble azote or « fresh proteins » that can create ammoniac’s excess in organism, circulating in the body, identifiable by urea in milk.

For fighting against excess ingestion of young grass, it’s must to propose a ration less rich in protein « fresh » with beautiful fibers for to create congestion. She must include a digestible fiber in preference with tanned proteins (modification that protect ruminal digestives) who doesn't rumen bloat.

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The advantages of RUMIPLUS

Rumiplus allow to introduce physical fibers in the ration (congestion) more digestibles (without diminishing her energy and protein concentration).

  • Fibrous dryer material : goes back the value of structure in the ration and her dry matter content
  • Better rumination : encouraging the salivation and the buffering effect in the resulting rumen.

  • Source of tanned proteins not solubles in the rumen (« effect by pass » : Proteins directly and fully assimilated in the intestine) limits the amount of soluble/degradable nitrogen provided by young grass and therefore limits the risks of rumen bloat and / or ammonia intoxication.
  • Legume fiber better degraded in the rumen than a grass fiber (good rate of cellulose and hemicellulose, little lignin):better ruminal functioning, slower transit, for a better valuation of the ration.

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