Diversification of energy sources without deconcentrating the ration

MAILUZ combines all the benefits of alfalfa and whole plant corn into a single pellet.

It improves the effectiveness of the diet by providing energy in the form of starch (slow starch type) and in the form of digestible cellulose thus improving the ingestion and digestion of forage.

Produit mailuz

Improves rumen function

  • Alfalfa protein protected by dehydration
  • Corn starch

are both slowly degradable which balance the amylolytic and cellulolytic flora of the rumen,

= Decreased risk of metabolic diseases.


Promotes animal health

VitaminesVache fertilisation

Fertilité animaux        

MAILUZ is rich in minerals, trace elements and sources of vitamins (especially beta-carotene and vitamin E).

These essential nutrients have a beneficial effect on the health and fertility of animals.

A granule without fine

MAILUZ has a particular process involving a double granulation, to obtain a granule:

  • without fines
  • recognized for its durability and density
  • ideal for consumption by ruminants or use in mash.


MAILUZ is suitable for growth and maintenance phases.
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See the MAILUZ product sheet